Wednesday, June 2, 2010

THE WALK 2010.....

I'm slightly behind - can you tell? Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging (as it should). Here's a recap of the past couple of weeks....

Tom and I volunteered for the CCFA Walk this year. It wasn't a lot of hard work by any means and it gave us both the opportunity to meet others who are afflicted with Crohn's or Colitis or their family members. I had a great talk with Samantha Jean who was this year's featured walker and a separate talk with her father. Tom got to shake hands with a young boy who has ulcerative colitis like he had and was able to give him words of encouragement. We manned the photographer table and assisted her with keeping track of which team was which - it also allowed us to see and greet each team as they had to sign the CCFA banner (many thanks to Dave for using the WFNX sticker to hold down that big banner!).

Tom and I walked the complete 3.5 miles around Back Bay - we managed to keep up with Bev and Dave and not too many younger folks passed us!

As Team Gutsy Guys & Gals and The Royal Flush we raised (soon to be) over $2,000.00. Both teams got off to a late collecting start this year for various reasons so this is wonderful to have for a total. We were sorry to not have Susie, Mike, Jenn and Cole be able to walk with us but look forward to next year! We'll have to plan our vacation in a different month next time to not interfere with money raising!

And then came Grandparents Day: Tom and I went to school and visited Kaleb's room and then Kaleb and Kyle came back here for the rest of the day. Lots of fun - it's great to watch them grow into nice young men!

Next was Memorial Day and Kayden's birthday!
He turned 5 on the 27th of May so all three boys came over to spend the night....I awoke at 4:15AM to a 5 year old staring me in the face very close up! The older 2 got up right after that and played video games (with the sound off so we could sleep) - needless to say getting up that early made for a very long day - except.....we had the alumni banquet to attend as Tom was the guest speaker. Tom's a great speaker and has received many compliments for the "down to earth" speech he gave. It is quite an honor to be asked to speak to the graduates and alumni - this may be the last dinner they have due to financial difficulties.

Tom's off to a RED SOX game tonight while I hold down the computer chair! As usual we're keeping busy with Masons, Lions and Eastern Star as well as grandchildren and work! Stay safe this summer season..........

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