Tuesday, July 6, 2010

THE 4TH....2010 STYLE

Another 4th of July has come and gone - actually since my last post a month has come and gone! There just always seem to be more important things to do than blogging - your perspective on life changes as you get older!

so.............here's the 4th in pics:

We did the lobster bake differently this year - with the expert advice of our neighbor, Owen Pinkham, Tom cooked the lobsters, clams and corn in the washtub over the the fire in the pit - yum, yum!

Tom and my sister, Sherie at the bar - notice the new addition to the bar - a Christmas gift from my step-son, Courtney! We had to buy the bottles to go in it of course but it makes a statement!

We played the Boothbay Edition of the minute-to-win-it games - we stacked pink marshmallows, drank bottles of water, stacked empty and full cans, many more and had lots of laughs! My family can get very creative when you ask them too.

And, last but not least and a requirement at all family get togethers is the family group photo!
I cherish each of these get togethers and thank God for the freedom that allows us to have them. I thank God for my freedom that lets me put a party together such as this and for the wonderful family and friends to share them with. Next event: the Moxie Festival! Happy summer to all..............

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  1. Couldn't you have at least saved a tail for me?! Looks like you had a blast!