Friday, February 18, 2011

This One's For You Romeo.....

Last Monday, Valentine's Day, February 14, 2011 Tom and I said good-bye to our faithful feline friend, Romeo. We made the very painful decision to have him put to sleep that day. He was just shy of his 20th birthday. It had been painful as well to watch his health fail day to day and painful to watch him try and jump up on the bed or counter and fall back down cause he just didn't have the muscles in his hind end anymore. Monday was a very hard day for Tom and I..............

You may say "he was just a cat" which is typical unless you've had an animal around for years and years. Yes, he was a cat. But Romeo was there to be my crying pillow when Jim and I divorced. He was there for me again as a crying pillow when Bob died. He was there to welcome Tom into our house and loved Tom as much as he did me (and vice versa I might add). He was our friend and the house seems empty without him.

Tweny years to live with an animal is remarkable - my boss told me when I told her Romeo died that an animal doesn't get to be that old unless they've had lots of love. The card that Coastal Vet sent us says an animal is never forgotten until he is stopped being remembered. I have had cats all my life but never one like Romeo.

Our hearts and heavy and our eyes are tearful.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HAPPY 2011 TO YOU.....

Christmas has come and gone, New Years has come and gone - the days are flying by. It's not that we haven't been up to much - it's that facebook has taken over my down time and blogging has taken a back seat to the treadmill and the holidays. that the holidays are over maybe, just maybe I can get back to blogging.

We had a great Thanksgiving and wonderful Christmas and fun New Years. The holidays were spent enjoying family and friends. Tom's stocking was filled this year with yet another autographed baseball - this time a Ted Williams one (thanks to our friend David Hall) I was able to bid on one just in time for Christmas.

Christmas brunch was delicious thanks to Kevin and Angel - lots of fun watching the three boys open our gifts to them - out of all that Kayden opened this one was the most fun for him:

Kyle's playing basketball again and Kevin's coaching so that gives us something to do on Saturdays. Kayden and Kaleb also play bball Saturday AM so we're entertained all morning. Pretty soon it'll be the travel team taking us to games around the state.

We spent New Years Eve with friends at the KP hall for dinner and dancing....what a hoot - here we are before the dance -

We spent today enjoying the nice weather, catching up on unfinished business around the house and relaxing, and planning the next vacation spot. I have decided to take a Star Point with the Eastern Stars so have learned my lines and started in pursuit of the dresses I need - not an easy task this time of year. Especially since beading and gowns aren't my usual cup of tea!!

Happy and safe New Year to you.....see you soon!