Saturday, March 13, 2010


Life is good. The last storm left us without cable for almost 6 days - we never lost power for which we were thankful but we lost cable. What got us was Time Warner's lack of caring that they weren't providing the service they were getting paid to provide and how they blamed CMP. So, Tom got on the phone to each selectman and voiced his concern about the contract the town has with TWC - the next day cable was on! And, also on that next day I called DISH network and arranged an install day! It gave us great pleasure to take our cable box to Augusta to TWC and give it back to them! Let me tell you - DISH is great! The HD picture is so much better than cable and the options for channels. Despite the tree line blocking the satellite from giving us all the channels we LOVE it!

Life is good. Kevin and Angel are the coaches for the 4th grade basketball team so we've been travelling to as many games as we can get to. Next weekend is a 3 day tourney - that should take up some time! But, Kyle appreciates us being there as does Kevin. It's fun watching Kyle grow in his skills - we hope to one day watch him play high school ball.

Life is good. Exercise has become my obsession - at least for the next 8 weeks (4 down, 8 to go). Some of my co-workers and I have formed a team for the Biggest Loser here and we're determined! That's why facebook and my blog has been dormant.

Life is good. Here's a picture of my son Aaron, his baby daughter Addilyn and Addilyn's mother, Jennifer and her daughter. Life is good.

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