Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here's to the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day and The Daytona 500.....

I haven't posted much lately - mostly cause I just haven't been inspired to. And then came the movie "Julie and Julia". Tom and I watched it last weekend and I got up from there thinking what a great idea to do a blog like Julie did. And then I thought about that line in the movie where Julie says about blogging...."it's all about me, me, me"....and I realized I didn't want to be like that with my blog. So, for the past week I've been contemplating what I wanted to do with 150 BACK RIVER.

It's not a bad thing to write about oneself and the parties you have or the outside as it as around you or what you've been doing but who really cares? Does it make a difference? Tom and I do a lot in the course of a week - and, I'm sure you're interested in what that might be so, I'll tell you how we've made a difference AND what we've been up to. In talking with Susie yesterday she told me about something I had previously posted and how it positively impacted her (little did I know my comment would do that to anyone). If you speak from your heart with anything then the world knows the true you. Don't get me wrong angry messages can certainly come from the heart. So on that's what Tom and I have accomplished in the past month...

We bought a snow blower! We take it as a good thing that it hasn't snowed since we bought it. See - we impacted the economy!

We attended basketball games for Kyle and watched the whole team grow into up and coming players. Each Saturday we also watch Kaleb and Kayden learn the necessary skills for basketball and laughed watching the little guys play. Kyle's team came in 2nd for the Y league and were great fun to watch. My step-daughter Candie's 2 boys were also on Kyle's team so it was even more fun to watch. Candie has been having a go of it for a few weeks with chemo treatments and losing her hair. Having been thru it with her father I was able to chat with her a bit about the trials and tribulations of it all - we're all better people sharing life's experiences with a cancer survivor. Tom and I are reminded of how blessed we were for him to not have to have chemo treatments.

We went to a White Trash and Ugly Sweater party! We had 2 really ugly sweaters but didn't win! At the party we had the opportunity to talk with many people and learn what they had been doing - these were people we don't normally "party" with so we found it quite interesting to say the least.

We planned and finalized our vacation, bought plane tickets and my sister booked the suite in a REALLY nice hotel overlooking a waterway. More on that as time gets closer.

Tom and I have decided it's time in our lives for us - to do for us things that make life easier for us. While this may sound like an all about me journey it's not because while making like easier for ourselves we appreciate what we have and what others have given us and what we can give others. When we had our taxes done today we totalled up what we've given for charity over the past year - it amazed me we had such a long list....that's what makes us not all about "ME".

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  1. Tommy has always been a giving person and always ready to give me a are lucky and he is lucky...
    I am still going by your "be kind to others and not ask for anything in return..." Maybe it will work!
    Can't wait to hear about your trip, well deserved to the both of you!
    Take care....