Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here Comes Peter

Spring has arrived - the warm temperature yesterday got Tom and I out and raking and cleaning up the yard. Tons of sticks to pick up thanks to the last storm we had.

We've been following the 4th grade basketball team around to their tournaments as much as we can. This past weekend they were in St. George. What an improvement compared to the team we first watch a few short months back. I started this "thing" with Kyle where we offer him money for baskets, assists, or rebounds....he's really gotten into the sport this year and has deserved every dollar he's gotten from us! He played his heart out yesterday and scored 14 points in the first half! Kudos to Kevin and Angel for coaching the team this year.

Starting April 1st I'll be doing the "COUNTDOWN" to vacation - can't wait!!!!

Exercise, exercise and more - that's what I've been up to. Started Spring cleaning in the bedroom today which lead to throwing out old clothes gearing up for my annual birthday shopping trip! Yipee!

How do you like Tom's doors? He gets all the credit for them - I only helped hold it!

Happy Spring!

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  1. Tom is so creative but so are you! I love what you do in your window!