Monday, January 18, 2010


and we're off and running or should I say shovelling! The pictures are from the first storm of the month that we had - at least most of that was gone before we got hit again today.

We've been busy planning our Spring trip. Haven't quite got it all figured out except for the dates but the time off is on the calendars both here and at work...can't wait.

Tom went to Rhode Island for a hardware convention last Friday and Saturday. When he got back and started unpacking his "professor" bag Romeo jumped right in and stayed there - I think he missed Tom.

To keep me company Kyle came over - great fun having one on one time with the oldest grandchild. We went out to dinner, came home, played games, watched a movie, and had a discussion about the basketball game he was playing in on Saturday. He told me his team wasn't going to win cause they were playing the undefeated team. I explained to him the importance of confidence and not to admit defeat until the end of the game. I got to see that discussion play out - his team WON!!! His mother was in tears as was I and Kyle's team gained so much confidence.....when I went up to him after he ackowledged our conversation and told me I was right! So nice to watch him grow into a strong, confident boy! Who also excels in math (takes after his father) I must say! The joys of grandparenting - nothing beats it!

Have a great week!

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