Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween 2009 - We spent many, many hours getting ready for the party and then the time came, guests arrived, fun was had...and then clean up began! Here's some photos - I tried some of Martha Stewart's decorations - some I would NOT do again! I regret I didn't think to take close ups of some things like the Witches Fingers (made from rolled dough and painted almonds for the nails) or the Pirates Bones (made from meringue). Other than the grandkids we never have trick-or-treaters come except for last night....maybe it was the yard was really lit up and the party goers were sitting outside under the tent but whatever the reason we had a princess, a lobster, a fisherman, some scary no named ones, and a skelton. It was worth all the work just to see their eyes light up when we brought them into the Mad Scientist's Lab and then into where the candy was!

We had 2 TV's going with no sound on playing old scary movies - we're talking the original Brain that Wouldn't Die, Swamp Women, etc., etc. We continually played the sounds one would expect on Halloween evening - thunder, chains, screaming - the 3 boys thought it was a hoot! We even managed to raise some money for the CCFA giving broom rides!

The boys came at the end of their night but still raring to go! Kyle was an illusionist, Kaleb was Bowser (see the turtle shell beside him on the chair, you can't see his tail though) and Kayden was a ghost (costume long grown tired of) - I went to a lot of work making them but it was worth it to see them happy!

We really have to thank my sister, Donna and the Halloween birthday boy Herb for helping so much setting up and cleaning up! Couldn't have done it without you! And, thanks to all who showed up - the costumes were great!

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  1. I am so sorry we missed it! Our dragon crashed and really was breathing fire by the end of our trick-or-treating! :)