Saturday, November 7, 2009


Every year we wait for the trees to drop their leaves and then we begin the massive clean-up! Well this year the clean up was much easier thanks to "THE LITTLE WONDER". Seriously - this is the best leaf blower ever. I first saw it at the hospital last year and we talked about it then but raked and used the leaf blowers we had. This year was very different. We still have more to do tomorrow but what you see in the photos was done in about an hour. Just amazing - and if Tom hadn't slipped on the rotten mushrooms we wouldn't have had any sore muscles! And, it even worked on our uneven lawn - of course I was the one using the old leaf blower while Tom pushed the little wonder around but hey - the job got done in a timely manner. This 'leaves' time for shopping tomorrow and closing up the cottage!

Have a great week! Let's see...this week for us...Veteran's Day is a day off for me but I'm doing a CPR class and then a hair appointment and Tom has meetings both Wednesday and Thursday nights - all in all it looks like a great week coming up!!

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