Sunday, October 25, 2009


Tomorrow marks our 6th anniversary..can you believe it? Six years already. We've been through a lot, accomplished a lot, gotten to know each other very well and shared tears and laughter. Tom started the weekend off by bringing me home 6 beautiful pink varigated roses - then a wonderful dinner out. Then Saturday and Sunday we had so much fun decorating the garage and S.H.O.P. for our Halloween party. We took time out today for a walk around Adams Pond - the weather was gorgeous and the scenery spectacular. We can't ever remember a fall when the Oak trees turned red - they're usually all brown. What beautiful hues of fall. Even though it's pretty in Northern Maine it's just as pretty this close to home.

On the way home we stopped to peek in the windows of Tom's old house, his parents house which has been for sale for quite a while. The previous owner (who bought it from Tom) had to let the bank take it back after remodeling it all. This house holds many memories for Tom and on the way home we started talking about buying it as a second home - I have always loved the view of the pond from the porch. The price has been reduced a lot so it might just make a great purchase. We both also have many happy memories of Tom's Uncle Earl sitting on that porch in the sun even in mid-February as this house has a great Southernly exposure. Tom was really amazed at the panoramic view created by the downdraft winds of a thunderstorm which uprooted many two-hundred year old Oak trees. He remembers climbing in those trees with his buddy Butch. Tom said it's amazing how life can change in a matter of stayed tuned cause you never know with us what we're apt to do!! Next blog....Halloween! and yes, the costumes are all done...all 5 of them!

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  1. See you tonight and I think it's meant to be that Tom purchase his old house....It would be a show piece when you guys got done...!
    Happy Anniversary and Halloween!