Saturday, October 10, 2009


October has always been a favorite month of mine.....Kaleb and Kevin's birthdays, my niece Shannon's birthday and my brother-in-law Herb's birthday (on Halloween lucky guy!) not to mention the Fryeburg Fair, Fall Foliage Festival and Pumpkin Fest and the changing color of the leaves. Tom and I took a day off from work last week and ventured to the Fryeburg Fair and into the White Mountains. Foliage was past peak but still very colorful - we even ran into very wet snow - they can have it.

My sewing machine needles have been flying - thank God my mother was a great seamstress and taught me a lot about sewing and thank God I got all those Girl Scout merit badges for sewing way back then. I don't sew often enough anymore to be good at it but I managed to put together these 3 (out of 5) costumes since I last blogged. Kayden wants to be a ghost, Tom wants to be "Count A-Fraud" (a spoof on Arod of the Yankees) and I'm going to be an Indian princess. Left to do is Kyle's (he's created his own mystery monster again this all I have to do is follow his picture) and Kaleb's Bowser. Kaleb had his heart set on being Bowser but his Mom and Dad couldn't find the costume for it - well, being the good Grammie that I am I printed a picture of Bowser and showed it to Kaleb at Kyle's soccer game with my ideas on how to create it. Mind you Kaleb has a broken wrist so the sleeve will have to be velcro'd. Needless to say he was all smiles - the turtle shell will take some creativeness but I think I can pull it off! Stay tuned. 150 Back River is changing over to Halloween - in the S.H.O.P. for the party and on the outside doors.
Happy Columbus Day everyone!


  1. Cole turns one in October too!

  2. Of course dear sweet little Cole - how could I have left him out. And October is also Tom and my anniversary, my brother and his wife were married in October, my father was born and also died in October, my Aunt Annie has an October birthday - whew - I think that's all of importance now.