Friday, October 16, 2009


We are so fortunate....I could name a zillion things we have that we are grateful for but high on the list is this: Tom and I both love adventures! Tom took vacation this week and I took 3 out of 5 days off so we could venture to the great North again. First we travelled 22 miles beyond Kokadjo to my brother's camp. My father, mother, sister Sherie and I built the original camp back when I was about 13. I didn't have the love for the beauty of the land like I do now - in fact every weekend when I was made to pack up and head North with Mom and Dad I hated it - but, as we get older we see things differently so now I appreciate it for exactly what it is - peaceful, quiet and beautiful. My brother and his wife Carol have fixed it up quite nicely and you can't beat the view from the windows. There are only 7 camps on Penobscot Pond and most of the other owners are only there a few times throughout the year. Being an avid hunter and fisherman that my brother is - they spend most of their time at camp. Anyway....the road in had gotten considerably worse then the last time we were there but we made it in time for homemade beef and vegetable soup hot on the wood stove and bread and apple crisp. We shared stories of what we've all been up to and then had to leave for:

Howie's camp!! Along the way in to Skip's camp I snapped some photos of snow on a log and snow on Spencer Mountain. Oh yes, and also of some moose....despite it being moose season there were moose aplenty - and this one came right out in the open. The men in the picture were extremely stupid for trying to feed this cow dead grass - she was protecting her turf and wasn't about to leave - she could have instantly killed them if she wanted. My zoom lens was perfect for this shot. We also saw another cow and her calf and others along the way.

Then we finally made it to Lake Moxie and our home for the night. Once the wood stove was hot the camp was toasty and Tom and I took turns getting up on the night feeding the stove. Here's the view from the camp this morning.

We spent some time playing cards and talking and to tell you the truth forgetting all we left behind. Two of Tom's children take after him with the love of Northern Maine - we have to take time to experience the simplier things in life and there's nothing like getting back to basics to make you do that! Can't wait for next fall to make these treks again. Here's a picture of Tom-this is a rewrite to the lyrics of a country song: my toes on the woodstove, my ass on the chair, not a care in the world and a drink in my hand. Like I said to Tom before we feel asleep - we're memory making and one of these days when one of us dies the other is going to have some awesome memories!


  1. Went by your place today and as usual it looks great! Talented two you are! Will be there for some fun on Halloween! I love Tommy's version of Toes in the Sand! You guys sure know how to enjoy the simply things in life...
    Take care and see you two soon!

  2. Wow, the picture of the guys and the moose is such a good shot. I thought it was fake at first!
    I don't know about the story line for Grey's this season. Im not really feelin it, this past episode was the first one that I actually liked. I heard that the girl who plays Izzy is doing a movie so they had to cut her out for a bit, but she will be back. Im just waiting for that at Parkview, they are merging with CMMC in January.. I get to deal with it again! yay?

  3. Karen I love the candy corn decorations!!!