Sunday, September 27, 2009


Halloween is coming......what's that have to do with this pile of cloth above? Ha! Costumes of course....I've had a request from a 4 year old to make him a ghost costume and a request from a 56 year old to make him a cape (don't faint now) from the NY Yankees material! Can't tell you what he's going to be but I'll post that after the unveiling. Needless to say another party is going to be happening here...I have a friend that has loaned me all of her Martha Stewart magazines with Halloween ideas in them and I've copied a lot of pages. While I don't particularly care for Martha I do love the Tom and I went shopping today for party supplies. I'm opting for purple and black with maybe a little orange thrown in for the party colors. Can you tell I love Halloween??

This photo was taken at a wedding we attended last week. I thought the girl that carved this pumpkin showed her artistic ability quite nicely - she was also a bridesmaid and a daughter of a co-worker. Tom and I got quite a kick out of the pumpkin placed up high so all could see. I think I may steal the idea for the party. Think about don't have to put beer in it - you could carve whatever word you wanted in it. This idea didn't come from Martha I don't think.
Have a great week!

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