Saturday, August 1, 2009

JOY in JULY.......

Today was a hot one but it's nice to have summer finally come! July was a busy month for us - here's a few things that have taken place this past week.

We have a granddaughter - bittersweet as she's live in Ohio but we keep praying that we'll be a part of her life and get to know her as she grows. Tom surprised me that night by bringing home a dozen PINK roses! So sweet of him.

One of my favorite things to do for me is a pedicure - I found this amazing sugar scrub when we went to the Yarmouth Clam Festival. So many smells but I finally settled on the lemon/lime one. I LOVE this product - check out "The Maine Soapsmith" - prices are reasonable and the quality is certainly there.

Thursdays for the month of July Kyle, Kaleb and Kayden have come to play for the afternoon and to have dinner with us! It's been a lot of fun and all the craziness of 3 young boys has helped me to sleep really well on those nights! I've managed to keep them entertained - one day we did watercolors and Kaleb turned a paper plate into a mask. Kaleb also on a different day made Romeo his own special house and sign so he'd know where his cat food was! I've enjoyed our times together and they would have continued but Kevin takes his family camping for the month of August. Tom and I have both learned to relish the times we have no matter who they're with or what we're doing. Happy August!

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