Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of August stuff

Sorry for the delay in's been a busy month - suddenly it's gotten HOT and when it gets hot the less I want to be on the computer. Facebook is about all I've been able to handle this month.

Tom and I went to the Sea Dogs game last week - Benjamin Moore paints give employees of their distributors free tickets so how can you say no to that! We always love going to see them - this time it was even more eventful as Tom won one of 8 portable Webber Gas Grills!

The soda was ours - Tom put it on there for the picture! We plan on putting the big grill away this winter and keeping this portable one for us in case we need it - we always manage to grill outside a few times in the winter.

The highbush blueberry was a birthday present to Tom from my son and his family. We had one but want to make space for more - next year though we need to get the berries before some other creatures do (like what happened this year).

One other interesting item to share with you - when we visited my sister at her home on Salisbury Beach she showed us at night some nice solar lights that she used to light up her outside plants. Well, we stole her idea and found those same lights at Wal-Mart in Rockland - here's a picture in the daytime of one - they're the best we've found and inexpensive - $20 for 2 - can't beat that!

The other weeks this month were filled with various activites - Labor Day is right around the corner folks! Stay tuned cause I'll have lots to blog about after that! Suddenly everyone needs CPR recertification so I'll fit those classes in somewhere....happy almost end to August.


  1. I should of figured Tommy would win something...he is always so lucky!
    We are sure ready for the Labor Day party...! We will probably be the most obnoxious bunch there! Yahooooooooo!
    Can't wait...

  2. I really like those solar lights...I will have to keep my eyes out for some like that. Nice grill!!