Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The Crohn's and Colitis Take Steps Walk was held last Saturday and...our team was there walking! All 8 of us. Thank you so much to everyone and anyone reading my BLOG that donated. Queen Crohn's, King Colitis and The Royal Flush raised $2,510.00! A huge Thank youas well to the team: My sister Sherie, brother in law Roger, Nieces Shannon and Shelli and grandsons Kyle and Kaleb - Tom and I also walked. Tom, myself, Kyle and Kaleb walked 3 miles but the rest of the team walked the whole 3.5! I am so proud of my team for going outside of themselves to raise money. And also so proud of Tom raising the majority of the money by himself! It helps when you're not afraid to share your own personal life story about a disease not many know anything about. The same week we walked Tom had a friend be admitted to Maine Medical awaiting a diagnosis of perhaps the same. The Take Steps Maine Walk raised over $46,000.00. Pretty amazing for a walk that didn't get much publicity! We came together as a group..laughing, talking, eating and sporting toilet paper earrings (many thanks to Shelli for making those). Tom, Kyle, Kaleb and myself will be back next year (the rest of the team is still deciding) - again, thank you from The Royal Flush!

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