Wednesday, June 3, 2009

AS's the doors

Anyone who knows Tom knows he LOVES the 3 Stooges. So, how befitting to mount them on our red doors in honor of graduation week here in Boothbay. This picture of them is a classic for sure! the way...our carpenter is here and has started the entryway - the window is in and he promises it will be completed within the next week. The eggs in the bird's nest are residents in my wreath that hangs over the "NICKERSON" sign on the entryway of our house! I hope they survive the banging of hammers!


  1. Just want to say that it was a nice photo of Ashton and Tommy and they both looked happy and proud...there is always people in the world who live for being unhappy and making others unhappy, but do not have the "balls" to speak to others faces...sad..glad I know happy people and surrounded by them...congrat's to the happy father and daughter...Susie

  2. To my friends and relatives that read my blog: What Susie is referring to is 2 wonderful pictures I had posted. I chose to remove them. My only comment is this: all things come to those that wait and God knows what's in our hearts. Susie - I'm glad we too surround ourselves with happy people! and...thanks again for today!