Saturday, May 2, 2009


Finally here's the completed guest bedroom redo...we found out Maine stores in the winter time don't carry what we were searching for to decorate this room. We'll add to it as we come across things this summer but for now it's ready for guests. We found the lobster rug in LL Bean and the lobster mirror in Christmas Tree Shop. The blanket and shams also in the Christmas Tree Shop and the boat above the TV here in a local shop just last weekend. Notice there's even 2 books laying out to help our PFA guest become Mainers. What you can't see is the towels (complete with pine cones on them) hanging up! I'm also searching for just the right accent pillow with a lobster on it. Now we're ready for the partying and celebrating to begin....just waiting on our carpenter to start the entrance way and our inside projects will be done! NOTE: the picture in my heading is the t-shirts for the CCFA walk that were donated to our team by Hawke Motors here in Boothbay Harbor - very nice of them.

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  1. You guys are way ahead of us with the walk..We'll listen to any new ideas! Great photo's of your house, too.
    See you both soon! Take care...