Sunday, April 26, 2009


There's only 34 days left to the Crohn's and Colitis Walk! Our team "Queen Crohn's, King Colitis and the Royal Flush" is very busy raising money and selling raffle tickets. People have been very generous in their donations and now that good weather is here many people are back to work (that's good when you're trying to raise money!). The team is trying to find t-shirts for us all in just the "right" color you know and the Boothbay Register published the article to the left. Many thanks to Susie Giles and Jenn Hyson for putting this together (I only helped a little). Since the article appeared in the local paper we had a neighbor ask if she could join us as she too has Crohn's and Tom has had many people say to him they never knew he went through what he did. So I think we've done our job even before the WALK. We've made people aware of these diseases and have them asking questions about it as well as offering to help. If you're reading this because of the paper article and still have questions stop in and see Tom - he won't mind one bit answering your questions and explaining to you what he's gone through. And to Susie and Jenn - Tom and I have an idea for next year! May 30th - the CCFA WALK AROUND BACK BAY IN PORTLAND - stay tuned! always......thanks for your support!

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