Saturday, March 7, 2009


This is what's happening this week at 150 Back River Road - the temperature hit 50 and the snow has started to melt. There's still plenty of it as you can see in the photos but it's going. It's March 7th and I realize there's still time for more snowstorms but they won't last. My birthday is the beginning of April and we've had many a storm in April - in fact I can remember it snowing on my sister Donna's birthday in May before. Everywhere you went today people were in a good mood - after chopping ice in the driveway I heated up my fish chowder and sat on the back deck - the warmth of the sun was wonderful. Please pray that Kevin finds a job soon - and pray that it's in Maine or at least within driving distance so I still get to see my grandchildren. The company he was working for laid all their computer software programmers off - 2 days notice....he's extremely talented in his line of work so I'm sure he'll find something - just praying it's close by! Enjoy your week everyone.Here's where I planted some Spring bulbs - still covered. Tom standing on the back deck - still a lot of snow.

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