Monday, February 16, 2009


In honor of Pitchers and Catchers reporting I decorated our table for guests last night in a Red Sox/baseball theme. Of course at the same time we were eating dinner the Daytona 500 was on the big screen in the living room. What a pleasure to have some space to entertain as well as to decorate. We're having a laid back type of day today but changed the outside red door and inside transom window decorations for the next holiday. Tom even put up the Believe in Boston flag - it's green so it matches the holiday. The driveway is still a skating rink but the deck is clear of snow and little by little the snow is melting. Spring is near....soon...very soon.


  1. Again thank for a wonderful evening and a night of laughs...Mike and I have never laughed so much in our life! It was so enjoyable....meal was excellent and company the same! Wonder house, love all the knick knacks....
    We must do it again...
    Susie and Mike

  2. I was looking forward to a new "barn door" post, and your table looks lovely!