Saturday, February 21, 2009


We're back in the throes of winter with another storm on the way the interest of keeping myself and my readers (Hello Aunt Annie) from getting bored with my blog I chose to post pictures of our "Retro Room" as Tom likes to call it. It's a small room that used to serve as a hair cutting room for the previous owners (Before Bob owned it that is) and then for Bob and Candie it became the room where all the birds lived as well as the iguana. Then it became the dining room and now that we have a much bigger dining area it's the Retro Room! We searched and searched for a chair to fit the space - finally found this boudoir chair in Bath. It's great as it swivels and 2 boys can fit into it as once - or one KK and one grandchild! The video game is housed in a table that came from Tom's parents house - circa 1960's. Tom made the shelves over the windows (also notice the 3 Stooges clock) - a great spot for his mother's creamers, again circa 50's to 60's and Tom's old toys and also allows for creativity for decorating. Kevin and Angel gave us a retro radio and the stool in the corner also came from Tom's parents house (the cushion is new of course).
I framed some old 45's along with some old pictures for one wall. Also framed the record my father made with an old picture of him (notice the Chef string holder). We're always on the look out for something "old" to fit into the Retro Room.

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