Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Antiques....as most of you know Tom and I like them. Over the years we've acquired some interesting pieces. Not from shops or flea markets but from relatives and friends just "getting rid" of "stuff". Tom and I decided this year to make each other special Valentines cards - so much more meaning and sure saves money. So, in thought processing a NEW way of celebrating I remembered we had some very old Valentines cards that were given to Tom's mother when she was in grade school. With the one on the left you can move the girl's body as if she was dancing and the one on the right you can make their eyes google at each other or close. How fortunate we feel to have had Dot and her mother save these! Tom feels linked to his past with precious memories like these. I plan on saving the two we made each other this year - perhaps one day the grandkids will come across them and feel linked to us. Happy Valentine's Day!

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