Saturday, January 31, 2009

CAN SPRING BE FAR AWAY.................

We have ants in the living room - not many but there has been a few. Ants mean Spring is coming! Pitchers and Catchers report soon and the Daytona 500 is soon so that also means Spring is right around the corner.

The room redo got some use today when Kayden and Kaleb came over to play. Now there's video games for each of them to play - one down and the older one up! Note the lobster mirror on the wall - that was one of our Portland shopping trip finds and the bouy lamp on the end table that we found in Wiscasset. I'm still searching for just the right quilt for the end of the bed and more "stuff" (as Tom calls it) for the walls and shelves. Kaleb was impressed to think when they spend the night they now have the video game in their room so those 6AM wake ups will allow "KK" to sleep a little bit longer! Now all we have to do is teach Donna & herb how to play and they'll be entertained too!

Happy Ground Hog day to all! Tom has this saying about that:
Hey, hey it's Ground Hog day
Half your wood and half your hay.
That means that winter is half over! Yippee!


  1. Love the room redo! You are so amazing too! Wish I had that talent! You can organize, you AND Uncle Tommy can decorate, what can't you do? :) I am soooo jealous. My sister and Mom are great at that stuff. I think I am just too literal and way too much of a do it exactly right or not at all person :)

  2. I wished I dared to do some redoing other than the basic....I need to do some more painting but just don't know what yet....I'll study your place first for ideas! You do have a cute the colors...