Saturday, January 24, 2009


Wear Red Day is almost upon us - February 6, 2009. Not familiar with Wear Red? It's to empower women to care for their heart - as a CPR instructor and a former paramedic I realize how important that is - or should be to us. A few years back I organized the Wear Red Day at the hospital where I work. I personally bought the red dress pins (back when they were less expensive than now) and took around a basket handing them out to whomever came in that day wearing red. Well .... I had staff for days after that showing up at my door wanting their pin, only for me to tell them I had handed them all out and for them say to how disappointed they were they didn't get one. The important thing for me out of all that was to realize that all these people knew what that day was - whether they chose to realize it in their lives was up to them but at least I had done an "awareness". So - here's your heads up that February 6 is right around the corner - pick out your red for that day and remember why you're wearing it!

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