Monday, January 19, 2009


Valentine's Day is just around the corner.....I know this not only by what the calendar is showing me but by Tom's decorations on the red doors. Look closely - you'll see the HERSHEYS's tag coming from the top of the "kiss". Since Tom's hours have been cut at work he's finding creative ways to keep busy.....I came home the other day and found he had decorated the doors before the snow was to hit. I think it looks fantastic! Just think - once Valentine's Day is over with St. Patrick's Day is close and then it's Spring! Can summer be that far away? But, of course, inbetween all of that comes the Superbowl, Pitchers and Catchers report and the Daytona 500! Many things to celebrate and party plan for...........keep the decorations coming Tom! After all, if you skip one the neighbors will let us know! and, we have to keep the neighbors on Back River happy :)


  1. Since he is busy finding projects I could give him a list!!!! I love the "kiss" and I tell you he takes the place of the Murphy's Christmas lights years ago....great job Tommy!

  2. Hi Karen (and Tommy)! I didn't know that you had a looks great! I just love the decorated barn doors. I also loved reading about your "guest room redo"...I have a guest room in serious need of redecorating (walls covered in wood paneling and rust colored shag carpet...ick). I've always thought I would have a "Maine" theme since I am out here in Idaho...maybe I can look to your room for inspiration. Love the colors! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    Heather (Davis) Arnett

  3. Susie - Tom says he'd hate to take projects away from Mike and thanks for the compliments on the door decorating.

    Heather - Hello to you and thanks as well. Stay tuned for more pictures on the room redo - this is the wrong time of year to try and find Maine "stuff" for it - although the Maine State Pirson showroom had a lot when we visited it last weekend. I read your site often - love the Muffin Monday themes!

    Karen and Tom

  4. Hi Karen,

    I finally remembered to check out your blog. Love this on your doors! I didn't know Uncle Tommy was so creative. However, now that I think of it, I remember the coins he mounted on a nice finished piece of wood that all had my year of birth on them. So I guess I did know he is so creative!