Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today, January 24, 2009 we lost a great friend in Butch Matthews. He shared many happy times with us here at 150 Back River Road. Butch will always be remembered with a smile. We are blessed to have had Butch in our lives and this house was blessed to have had him here to celebrate holidays for many years. Butch enjoyed Tom and his family growing up and in the past few years enjoyed my family - especially at our Fourth of July celebrations. Goodbye Butch - we will miss you!


  1. Butch's funeral was today. Tom spoke about his life long friend and some good and also funny times they had together. Butch's 2 daughters loved it as did Pam, their mother. Many, many people came up to Tom to shake his hand and tell him what a good job he did. I am so very proud of him - it took a lot of courage to stand on that pulpit before a packed church and speak. It was a service Butch would've loved and one that Tom will remember for as long as he lives.

  2. I agree, it could not have been done any better, by anyone...I loved the adjective stories!
    Butch is where he wanted to be now, and that is what gets Mike through it all too...may he rest in peace...thanks Tom for making the service a nice remembrance...