Saturday, January 10, 2009


When I was cleaning out the other day I came across some home videos that I had long forgotten about. One was of Kevin and Angels wedding reception, one of Candie and Ed's wedding, one of a wedding I'd like to forget about - but, the best one of all was a home movie sent to me many years ago by my cousin Janet in Vermont. So, earlier today as I was getting the VCR hooked up for a CPR class I decided to watch it.

What memories - my cousins at their home in Vermont and my cousin Judy's birthday party (Judy and I are only months apart in age). Uncle Shirley was also on there (he died young and I hardly remember him) as was my grandparents. But then at the end of the tape was my family when my Aunt and Uncle and cousins came to visit us at the house on Whiskeag Road in Bath. It was fun to watch again and think back. I started doing mine and Tom's ancestry about a year and a half ago and it's sometimes been a struggle to find pictures of past relatives. When no pictures were to be found we'd go to the cemetary and take a picture of the gravestone. I've even stood out in a roaring thunderstorm in Harpswell to get just the right photo of one of Tom's relatives headstones. We've been to the Maine State Archives and various libraries and historical societies to find information. It's paid off cause I was finally able this December to compile it all together and make a book of my family. Tom's family I'm afraid will require a trip to Nova Scotia to finish. I didn't do it all on my own though - my sisters and brother shared info and old pics with me and my subscription to paid off as well. Therefore this small deviation from writing about the home that Tom and I love to writing about another passion of mine - genealogy.

A page about my brother. A page about my father and a page about the double wedding of my parents and Aunt and Uncle. 63 pages of memories total!


  1. Hi Karen and Tom!
    Glad I checked my roadrunner email and found your message! I am changing to Fairpoint so will not be getting mail through roadrunner. I think it's great you are doing your family history...something you will always have...
    You have a very nice houst and should be proud of it...nice job of redoing the upstairs...
    Now will check your site often!

  2. Hi Susie, stay tuned cause Tom has done the red doors for Valentine's Day! I'll have to get your other email address - our computer crashed (although I do love this new one!) and I had to get what I could off it in a hurry and all i could quickly get was your Roadrunner address.

  3. Can't wait to see what he has up....we use to go to Dawn Murphy's with the kids for Christmas lights now Tommy and your place will be the place to drive by to see what he has done!
    Good to hear from you!