Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The new and much improved upstairs guest bedroom - as promised here's some photos. The painting is done but the decorating is not just yet. We'll have to make a trip to Portland for that. But, that's the fun part. And when that takes place I'll post a picture. The green is the new and the decorating will be along the Coast of Maine theme - maybe I can find a seagull to go in the hole where a wooden bluebird once sat! Tom and I painted the whole room last weekend, moved furniture around and on Sunday night sat back and discussed what we need to get. I think I inherited decorating skills from my mother - in fact my 2 sisters are good at it as well. How's the kitchen coming Sherie? Along with this project came cleaning out closets and some reorganizing. But, I'm good at that too. There's only a few leftovers in the craft room and I have no doubt I'll fit them in somewhere or get rid of them altogether. Notice I found a spot for all my Stephen King books! Can't wait to finish it!

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  1. Any chance I can have my sewing machine that I got for Christmas a few years ago?