Friday, October 1, 2010

Loving Fall.....

October - Kaleb and Kevin's birthdays, Kyle and football. Kayden and Kaleb and soccer. Our anniversary - can't wait for that!! Fryeburg Fair, Halloween and our
2nd annual Halloween party! It's a busy month and it goes by way too quickly...but...before October came there was September and the bathroom redo!

We have only one bathroom and we've previously redone it taking out the bath tub and putting in a shower only unit but until recently there was the UGLY green vanity....oh, how I've hated that despite my efforts sprucing it up with paint over the years. Then came Lowe's - while we shop locally as much as we can the new space saver unit was something Tom couldn't get from NEBM. Sink came with it - I love the design and it's given us so much more room - new toilet, new floor, new towels and bathrug - can't ask for more than that!

Also in September was our first "Lady in the Red Cloak tour". We went when "The Maine Ghost Hunters" were going to be there - I just love the shows on TV about the hauntings and paranormal activity. Being the total believer that I am I wasnt surprised to learn that Tom's grandmother followed us home - more on that at another time or ask me about it - pretty amazing!! Here's a picture I took on the tour -
The Opera House in Boothbay Harbor - can you see the orbs?
Visit the sites and see some of the pictures people have taken. Better yet - take a tour and see for yourself! Kaler's was one of the stops on the tour - think it was Danny back to make sure they do things right??

Happy Fall - the picture above is of Kyle and his football team - he's a co-captain and for his first year doing quite well- #70 in the above pic. More later....

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