Sunday, December 6, 2009


Last week Tom and I headed South for a couple of days to visit my sister, Donna and brother-in-law, Herb. South as in Salisbury Beach..south enough for now - we're planning to go more south in the Spring but back to this post...

Donna always decorates simply but beautifully for the holidays and this was the first time Tom and I got to visit their new house when the Christmas decorations were still up. Needless to say I was inspired and although we had already decorated for the most part we found ourselves searching the craft stores to make garlands "just like Donna's". Well, they're not exact (nor would I really want them to be) but close. So, I redecorated the transom and the bay windows. See above shot of the "new" transom and see pictures below of their house and ours. We also managed to take off for a day shopping - it was great to get away and get most of the shopping done. On the 3 shelves of the hutch in our living room I have clear lights and put the older "retro" ornaments and candles in there. If course the tree takes on a much better glow lit up.

Oh ya...PS to Herb - your windows sparkled, wanta come do mine?

The Beach House:

150 Back River:

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