Sunday, December 13, 2009


See Tom
See Tom riding his NEW Craftsman mower/tractor
See Tom happy
See Karen happy because it also has a rear leaf bagger so she won't have to do leaves next Spring and Fall!!
Merry Christmas to Tom (and Karen)!!

We went shopping on the way home from Salisbury Beach.....the tractor is one result of that shopping trip! This is Tom's BIG present for Christmas, plus he still gets a gigantic stocking filled with all sorts of goodies! Tom's a lucky guy!! But, I'm also a very lucky woman to have him!

Tom and I went shopping again yesterday and here's what we bought on that shopping trip.....

No, these 32 presents aren't for the grandkids - they're for TOYS FOR TOTS. Last year Tom and I voluntered to do the shopping for the Lions Club and had so much fun we voluntered to do it again this year! It was great fun choosing toys for all ages and buying for girls as well as boys! These will make a lot of children very happy this Christmas!

Our gifts are all bought...and all wrapped! Cards aren't done quite yet but I'm working on them. Maybe I'll take after my sister Sherie and send them out in January!

Busy week ahead - dessert extravaganza to go to tonight and then the K-2 school Christmas show and Tom's work party and Lions Club meeting, Tom's Masonic Lodge meeting and my work party and then Susie and Mike's party - Ho Ho Ho - tis the season!!!

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