Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is my story of the grapes at 150 Back River. When my husband Bob and step daughter Candie bought this house Bob planted a grape vine - the variety was called Candace. The vine sat on the back lawn covered by pine needles and non-productive for years. As the vine grew and reached for the sun it curled itself around the branches of the pine trees. One day (many years after Bob died) I cleaned it out and found there was lots of life left in it. Tom heard me say one day that I needed an arbor for the vine and surprised me with the one you see in the photo. Before the vines started clinging and growing to it I used to joke about how a wedding under it would be great. Two years ago there was quite an abundance of grapes and our neighbors Judy and Owen came over, harvested them and made grape jelly (we traded them grapes for squash from their garden) - well we haven't had grapes since that year. Last year the Japanese beetles destroyed them and this year....not sure what's going to happen. Here's a shot of how small they currently are - there's also some leaves with red spots - and let's not forget all the rain we had - that wasn't good for them either. I'm currently researching the red spots with the Maine Extension Service and I've got my fingers crossed. The beetle bag is hung but I've been told the rain has been keeping them away (hurray for that at least). I cut them all back last fall and will do so again this fall - they're a touchy plant but when growing are truly a wonder to watch. Candie: Judy told me she remembered the name of the plant from what your father told her! I'm sure Bob is pleased that the grape vine is still surviving.


  1. Ummm Grape wine sounds like it would be good!

  2. Only if you come over and help me drink it :)

  3. A nice glass of wine with friends is always fun! I'm sure Tommy has found the perfect recipe already...Your place sure looks nice...