Sunday, December 27, 2009


Tom and I had a great Christmas - hope you did as well. Our most favorite gift was one we bought ourselves - the webcam - so on Christmas Eve Tom and I put together a little "show" and called my sister and brother-in-law....I was laughing so hard poor Tom had to "sing" the lyrics himself (he wrote them by the way). A good time was had by us all! We even had a visit from Ashton and Eric and Courtney. The next morning we exchanged stockings - Santa Tom was very good to me (another beautiful necklace)and Tom loves his new hammerhead! Then we went to Kevin and Angel's house and we all exchanged gifts there - it was a great change and the three boys got to be at their home with their things. Angel made a wonderful breakfast for us all and it was great fun watching the activities. Santa had dropped candy canes outside their house when he visited! After that a trip to my nieces house for an exchange of stockings there that we played a Yankee Swap with. Some of her neighbors were there as well as a fellow from Jamaica who works for Shannon's significant other. He probably thought we were all nuts and I'm sure had many stories for his family back home! The 2010 is up on the doors and all the Christmas decorations are down - vacation is over but at least it's a short work week! Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Hope you have a Happy New Year also...Glad to see you at our party. Nice Christmas photo's!
    Love Susie